Chatham and Ashford Self Storage Facility

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well here at Kent Space we like to think that we can offer you the perfect self-storage solution, whatever your needs. We appreciate there is always a concern if you are storing stock, files, or personal possessions ‘off-site’ and with our self-storage units in both Chatham and Ashford, we like to think that the moment you turn up and see them for yourself, your mind will be put instantly at ease.

With a high level of security anything you put in self-storage here with us at Kent Space is in safe hands as we appreciate that much of what our customers put in self-storage is irreplaceable. We try and give all our self-storage customers total peace of mind that everything they put into self-storage with us will remain in exactly the same condition when next accessed, whether it be in a month or a year’s time.The self-storage solutions we have created here at Kent Space are located in purpose-built premises to overcome all the principal problems that have been previously associated with self-storage. Our building is temperature controlled, thus avoiding seasonal problems associated with a rise and fall in temperature and subsequent creation of condensation – and the nightmare of all self-storage solutions.

Self-storage is a great way to help you de-clutter and organise your life, whether it is business oriented or domestic oriented. In some ways it is a bit like sorting out your desk. When everything is clean and tidy and put away in its right place, it is so much easier to get on with important things in a much more efficient way. DE-cluttering through using self-storage allows you to see the word and the trees!

If self-storage is something you have been considering but the jury is still out, then what we are always keen to recommend here at Kent Space self-storage is to come over and see us, whether it is at our unit in Chatham or Ashford. While we can tell you all you need to hear, we know that it is only when you see are self-storage units that you will know for certain and be as confident as we are that are self-storage units are exactly what you need. By all means come and see us and you are very welcome to have a good look round before you reserve a self-storage unit for yourself.

Eventually there comes a point where you have to look at the time you spend maintaining external features to your property and it begins to dawn on you that there has to be an easier way. Here at Kents Building Plastics we have all the solutions you need to help you cut down on external maintenance of your property with an extensive range of building plastics, including plastic rainwater goods, plastic guttering, plastic fascia boards and plastic roofing panels, all at extremely competitive prices. With units in both Yate, Bristol and Widemarsh Street in Hereford, why not call in and see us or call us for a price on any of the products we sell.

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