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What is a Self Storage facility?

Self storage in it’s simplest form is a unit that can be rented by an individual or business to store their items. The self storage unit is usually remote to the individual/business with easy access and high levels of security (here at Kent Space anyway).

People store all sorts of items in self storage units including furniture and tools all the way to motorbikes and quadbikes, saving room in your properties.

Why use a self storage facility?

There are many reasons why someone might use self storage from moving house to a place to keep their motorbike over the winter but here are a few more reasons to think about using self storage:

Save Room

If you have a self storage unit, it’s like having more room. That way, you can put items that you don’t use regularly in your self storage unit, making more space in your home or property.


Self storage units will often be on high security facilities meaning that your items are safer than ever, saving you money on having to make your own property extra secure.

24-hour Access

One downside to not having items on your own property is that you might only be able to access them during certain times. Some self storage facilities, like Kent Space, will allow 24 hour access so you can get to your belongings whenever you like.

I want a self storage unit!

Great! You can get a quote now to see how little a self storage unit can cost. We are always happy for you to come to one of our sites in Chatham, Ashford or Ebbsfleet and have a look around at the storage units to see if they suite you.

Get more information about Kent Space and our self storage units across our website and from our other blog posts.

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