New Generation – New Storage Solutions

Mention the phrase “putting things in store” to your parents or grandparents and you will likely receive a look of incredulity mixed with sadness. There is a very good reason for storage solutions and one which may surprise you. You see things are very different today than they were for previous generations were self-storage is concerned or in their case, just plain storage.

Where domestic storage is concerned, in the past the only time household goods were put into the store with when you are moving home and there was going to be a delay between selling one property and buying another. Alternatively, it could be that you were moving overseas for a couple of years but would be returning to the UK after a couple of years so putting things in store was the obvious solution rather than cutting halfway across the world or the alternative, which was selling everything.

The self-storage of previous generations involves contacting your local furniture removal company and asking to put things in store. The ‘self’ element of this equation was picking up the phone, as you couldn’t actually put items in storage yourself, this could only be done by the removal firm, and at a cost. Not only that, but the cost of putting things in store with exorbitantly high and it gets worse.

Once items are in store, you couldn’t access them again until the given date you wanted to take them out of storage. This is because everything was stored in large walk-in crates and these were shuffled around a warehouse based on what was arriving and what was leaving. The final problem then came with the warehouse itself, which was usually nothing more than a relatively unsecured damp and draughty shed stop not only did you run the risk of not seeing half your personal belongings again but if you did, chances are they weren’t going to be in the best states.

Today all that has changed with self-storage units such as those we have at Kent Space. Here we have secure individual storage units within a secure modern purpose-built structure to ensure that everything is kept at a regulated temperature to avoid any problems with moisture, and one that allows you to come and go 24 hours a day giving you access to your personal belongings or whatever other items you put in store, whenever you need it.

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