5 things to store in self storage that you may have not thought of before!

Most people when thinking of self-storage will think it’s only for tradesmen or removal men, but that’s definitely not the case. Let’s have a look at 10 things you can store in self storage you may not have thought of before!

Holiday Decorations

Now that Christmas has passed and Easter is approaching, rather than having your decorations lingering around for the whole year, why not store the Christmas decorations in self storage?

This saves you space in your cupboards, loft and garage for items you may need sooner than 11 months!

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Quad Bike or Motorbike Self Storage

A lot of quad bike or motorcycle owners will only ride them seasonally. You probably didn’t know that rather than storing it in your garage for half the year, you could just put it into self storage so it’s out the way.

Other than it being out of the way, there is a security aspect here. Having it in a self storage unit makes sure it is secure and safe at all times.

If you have any more questions about storing your bike, get in contact.

Self Storage for Fishing Gear

Fishing rods, tackle bags, waders, rucksake, tent, the list could go on! Fishing can be an expensive hobby with a lot of equipment that needs storing.

When you decide you want to go fishing, all you have to do is swing by your self storage unit and grab your fishing gear. Then get on the road to wherever you need to go. Doesn’t take time out of your day at all and you don’t have to take up space at your house/flat.

Baby Items

Has your little joy grown out of a lot of their baby items? Maybe you are thinking of having another so don’t want to get rid of them? Well a self storage unit may be great for you.

It doesn’t take long for your little one to out grow a lot of their clothes, toys and other items. As they can be expensive it may be more worthwhile to store them and use them for your next child as well, rather than buying new ones. Put them in self storage and they will be out the way, ready for your next one.

If you think this is a good idea, to get a quote, just click here.


Do you have a partner who searches for their present every time their birthday comes around? Maybe your children drive you mad looking for presents before Christmas. Well have you thought about storing them in self storage?

Not only does it mean that there is no way the gifts can be found by the searchers, but it also means there is no awkward moments where you are trying to carry the gifts through the house to the hiding place without people seeing.

There you have it, 5 things you can use a self storage unit for!

If any of these have inspired you to look into getting a self storage unit, get in contact.

Or feel free to get an INSTANT QUOTE to see how little it costs to have one.

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