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4 Reasons Why You Should Start Looking for a New Office Space

The start of the year is the start of some new beginnings- from the smallest of change, like a simple haircut, to drastic and major life decisions, like looking for a new office space.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to look for a new office space. Most of the time it is because of a contract that’s about to expire, but in some cases, it is more than just contracts. Office spaces are gaining popularity now and it is becoming more convenient to transfer your business from one office space to another.

One of the most common questions asked with regards to office space is: “When should I move?” To answer this, here are the best times when you should consider moving:

First to the Second Month of the Year—January and February

What great way to start your new year than by making sure you put your business in a new home. During this month, sales are on the rise and office space operators are giving away freebies to those who will rent their office space for a long period of time, say six months or even the whole year. Some tenants get free rent for one month when they sign up for a long-term deal.

When Your Lease is about to End

As mentioned earlier, one of the most common reasons why people look for a new office space is when their lease is about to expire. It is convenient to look for a new office space while you wait for your contract to expire so that when your contract ends, you’ll have a new office space ready for occupancy, therefore saving up time.

A new environment can also add the efficiency of your employees since a different setting can make people more vibrant and energetic.

Office spaces nowadays have a flexible nature that adapts depending on the needs and wants of the tenants. Contracts can now be adjusted, and should the tenant wish to leave, a short notice to the operator is enough.

Upgrading or Downgrading

Sometimes, you’ll see the need to upgrade or downgrade office spaces depending on what road your business is taking.

If you see the need to downgrade because of financial matters, it is wise to look for office spaces that offer a cheaper price. This will help you cut down the expense that your current office space is costing your business. Of course, you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the space just for the price. Check the amenities the office space can offer that are proportional to your direct needs.

On the other hand, upgrading into a bigger and nicer office is an exciting time. It sure shows that your business is booming and the only way to go is forward.

Change is just as Good as a Rest

Aside from work, this also applies to the overall ambiance of your surroundings. A change in the environment is sometimes enough reason as to why one chooses to move. Opening your eyes and working in a new environment is restorative and can make huge leaps of efficiency, not just for you but also for your employees. A new setting can also attract new people and new customers. It can open new connections that can help your business to improve. Being flexible to change and adapting to it can make you more flexible and thus improves your outlook on life and your career. This change of character and environment can open new doors and opportunities for your business to grow.

If you’re interested in moving office, Kentspace can help you find the office fit for you! Just Check out our website for more information, or contact the team on 01634 673 307.

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