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Tricks for Maximising Self Storage

Over the years, you must have accumulated several things and it will come to a point where you’ll just need more space. There are a lot of reasons why you’re choosing to rent one, but there are also a handful of tricks to maximise this renting space that they don’t tell you at the front desk. We have compiled some of the tricks that might be helpful for you as you rent your storage space.

1.     Invest in Pallets.

Keeping your belongings off the floor might sound trivial, but there is no guarantee that melted snow won’t seep under the door or the unit next to yours might be having a spill. You don’t want to ruin your heirloom sofa, right?

2.     Wrap It Up.

Investing in industrial plastic wrap will do you good. Each time you use a storage unit, wrap every belonging that you have with plastic. This way, you make sure that things are sealed up and it won’t collect dust or insects. You can save money if you buy the plastic in bulk.

3.     Use a Hefty But Small Padlock.

Storage spaces have built-in security measures, but it won’t hurt if you put your own padlock. Invest in an all-weather padlock that has a short arm. This way bolt cutters can’t slide in and cut your lock.

4.     Label Your Belongings.

Don’t let your memory fool you. You might know exactly what you are storing the moment you put it in, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll still remember every single thing in 6 months. Don’t go digging around and opening random boxes for ages! Label everything so that if you want to find something, you’ll be able to find it fast. Create a checklist and write down everything that you put in your storage.

5.     Be Ready for Temperature Change.

Some storage units have a temperature control system and temperature change is not a problem. However, there are a few things that need extra attention with regards to changing temperatures. These are electronics, vinyl records, or old photos. Make sure to double wrap or insulate them so they won’t get ruined.

6.     Carry Sand on Winter.

Most storage space units are designed in a way that water drains away from doors to one central location. However, what happens is that large ice can form outside the door and make it impossible to retrieve your things from inside the storage space. Bring sand when you visit your storage space and use it to melt ice that has accumulated in front of your storage space, therefore, making it possible to access your belongings.


7.     Show Them Your Tetris Skills.

Use the storage space wisely! The smallest storage spaces can store a lot if one knows how to use every inch available. Our tip is that you pack things all the way to the ceiling. Bring some plywood to help you stabilise layers of boxes. This way the pressure is evenly distributed and will help keep your things safe.


8.     Protect the Space.

Aside from protecting our belongings, you must take special consideration in protecting the unit itself. You can be charged heavy fines for scarring the unit. If you’re using the space for restoration business or any business that involves getting messy, encase the walls and floors with plastic to prevent the fines.

As a potential self-storage customer, it makes perfect sense to shop around for the best quality self-storage firms that offer you something that is equal to the value of your money. Here at KentSpace we do exactly like that! Please get in touch with us on 01233 22 22 33.

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