Who Uses Self-storage Units?

Self-storage is becoming more and more popular as it provides an economical alternative storage solution that can solve a whole raft of problems. Here at Kent Space we have noticed growing trends in the type of customers who use our purpose-built self-storage units and it is extremely rewarding to be able to help so many people solve their storage problems with our modern, secure and dry self-storage facilities.

What we have also noticed is the number of people who are using our self-storage units for when they are moving home. By this we don’t literally mean putting all their furniture in one of our self-storage units, though a number do, but here we are talking about those who are de-cluttering their home to present in the best possible light when it comes to selling. Often the reason why people are moving home is because they want more space, they have outgrown their current home and boy does it look like it! It is very difficult to sell your property and achieve a good price if viewers can’t get a sense of space and what it would be like for them to live there.We have a good number of customers who use our specific document self-storage units for archiving documents that would otherwise be taking up valuable office space. With a 24/7 access to all our self-storage units this solves any problems with regard to access as there is no telling when you may need to access an old document.

Self-storage is also useful for businesses to need to hold stock. In fact, this is proven an extremely successful business solution is not only can we provide document storage and self-storage for products, but to maximise business efficiency we also have office space to rent, giving business owners the best of both worlds.

Because of flats and modern houses are extremely restricted in storage space and because flats in particular don’t usually come with a garage, there is always the problem of storing bulky items, those things that aren’t used every day of the week. This can range from mountain bikes to fishing tackle and all the necessary accessories, mountaineering gear to skis, and canoes to motorbikes for those who don’t enjoy being out in the fresh air during the cold winter months. Self-storage keeps everything safe, dry and secure, yet totally accessible for whenever you need it.

To find out more about our self-storage solutions intent, please feel free to call us at any time at Kent Space.

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